Apex Predator: Cage Diving With Great White Sharks


Suddenly an excellent shark barreled from my experience inches away with dark zombie eyes and razorsharp teeth. Could this be my journey?

Fortunately it stopped. I had been shark cage diving in South Africa and adrenaline coursed through my body. Excellent white sharks would be the ocean’s many deadly predators — achieving them close up is fairly powerful.

The truth that these sharks have the effect of the best quantity of deadly assaults on people and my pleasure added together. I was raised seeing Shark Week on Breakthrough, today I lived it!

Shark Alley is just a distinctive region off Gansbaai’s shore where sharks arrived at hunt seals. It’s among good white sharks in the world’s greatest levels.
Great White Sharks
Perhaps one of the most dreaded dog underneath the ocean, excellent white sharks possess a known reputation. Evaluating more than 3 and rising upto 7 yards long,000 kg, these pre historic creatures can quickly tear victim apart utilizing strong jaws equipped with countless teeth.

Great sharks are wait predators, quietly coming on their patients from below at increases to 35 mph. They are able to actually break from the water, leaping in to the atmosphere.

These sharks banquet on even, and tuna, rays, sharks, seals, sharks, sea turtles chickens. Alongside a great feeling of odor, they’ve a unique 6th impression that may identify an electromagnetic field that is animal’s.

Nevertheless individual attacks’ excellent white’s background is what provides lots of people dreams — galeophobia or, anxiety about sharks.
Cage Diving South Africa
After a security briefing with this tour operator Marine Character along with breakfast, we boarded Cut Fin, a custom designed vessel employed for marine shark viewing activities. It got about half an hour into primary shark place to engine.

The shark cage secured aside of the vessel once we pulled on weight belts and heavy wetsuits and was reduced in to the water. I climbed into the cage, and had been within the first team. That water is cool!

The cage is just partly sunken, with base and palm rails inside. No snorkels are utilized, only markers. You keep your face above water before shark spotters shout “DOWN”, where level you drive the feet underneath the base railroad and have a deep breathing, keeping oneself marine to look at the motion.